There’s something really satisfying about getting your android to look great on your device but just because there’s over 11000 other android devices out there doesn’t mean you need to build 11000 other android launcher to make a great looking up you can do the same using ilauncher pro apk.

Great thing I love about android is the sheer level of customization, I mean just like any other mobile operating systems you can download apps from the app store and use that to you all want to stuff. But android actually allows you to download apps from the app store and then use them to replace your stock apps. The apps replaced though probably make the most difference in your day to day experience on the phone is the launcher app.

iLauncher pro apk

Just like any app and if you go to the play store and search for it you will find a lot of them. There are a crap ton of them in play store. so you guys can at least have somewhere to start when you want to double in the whole world of customizing your home screen.

With the highest rating of any launchers in the play store designed for you is iLauncher pro apk. Ilauncher pro apk is probably worth at least taking a look at. It is a pretty intuitive little launcher there with a ton of themes if that’s your thing but it has a decent amount over. It is a pretty simple and quick little launcher, it’s probably best for people that just want to get in and out of their phone is quickly. I go quick overview of the iLauncher pro apk launcher that you should not take a look when you’re starting out with android launchers.

We going to be taking a look at a really cool launcher called ilauncher Pro APK. Now Ilauncher pro apk is and IOS7 android launcher but it’s actually very good as you can see the frame rate going the folders is amazing much better than any other themes OR launchers that have attempted and designed to imitate the IOS7. For instance, creating a folder and as you can see it has that nice flying-fly out effect. Going out the folder and packed into the folder and pretty much adding icons in that folder it’s just really surprising of how the developer got it to be so smooth.

For all the android users out there today I’ll be showing you guys how you can get the IOS7 launcher on your android devices, keep in mind that this does not change the internal applications on your android devices, it just changes the icons on your homepage and also added some IOS7 animations. Using of iLauncher pro apk looks very similar actually it pretty much identical to IOS7, you can scroll through your applications on your homepage and put icons inside your folders and even swell through pages inside your folders just like IOS7. Ilaunchers pro apk have a lot of customizability options and they also have great you

This is a very precise launcher that resembles the IOS7 look and animation on your android devices. And of course, you can move different icons or applications around to different pages are different locations. You can see this nice animation when you launch an application and also when you close an application.

What is Launcher pro apk? Why we use it?

One of the things that comes up almost every time people are talking about their iPhones in their android phones customizability. Now IOS7 operates one way, the way large jobs and topnotch functionality of it with home button, gestures, app organization and animations. All pre-designed to delivery uniform experience to each and every iPhone user on the planet.

But that’s not always the case and one of the biggest complaints I hear about android even from Die Hard fans is that while they might like the hardware only absolutely hate the skin that’s running on it software layers like Samsung’s TouchWiz, HTC’s sense and Sony’s Xperia UI. One of the ways to get around these often bloated on into it and then limited interfaces to route your phone and install a custom Rom. But if your issues are not related to performance on removable bloat ware or base functionality of the device but rather just the look and feel of the home screens and app tray that it might not be worth the effort and potential warranty concerns associated with that. Because there is another option for pretty much overwriting the interface of your phone it’s called a launcher.

Unlike custom ROMs, Launchers don’t involve any command line, tomfoolery or risk of breaking your phone. Now, while launchers come in many shapes and sizes with very widely varying capabilities and there’s a fair number that are kind of difficult to categorize cleanly they mainly consist of 2 types.

– The first is “style launchers” ones that are mostly designed to change the visual appearance of your phone without really innovating on the core functionality, a great example of this is one that changes your desktop background to an always on view from the phone’s camera that makes the screen appear to be transparent. But most of them are focused on allowing you to customize your phone’s appearance.

– A second type is “functionality launchers”. Similarly to style launchers these things usually introduced their own visual design to your phone. But with aesthetic customization options somewhere between your default skin and a style launcher. These launchers attempt to change the way you interact with your device to make it faster and or more into it and to get the information you need and the apps that you’re trying to reach by rearranging icons adding new gestures and even proactively providing you with contextually relevant information as you go about your day.

If you’ve got an android phone and have never tried a launchers before maybe consider giving iLauncher pro apk a shot. It is a functionality oriented launcher that’s all about organizing your phone and information so you don’t have to do it.